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11 Adorable Portraits Of Dogs Dressed As Aristocracy


11 Adorable Portraits Of Dogs Dressed As Aristocracy

As all dog owners know, our adorable canines often think of themselves as the kings and queens of the castle, who want to run the show in our houses.

I know my pooch expects to be treated like a princess, which might have something to do with the fact that we tend to spoil her. But it’s just so hard not to when you look into their sweet eyes!

And now, you can truly capture that regal essence with your very own classically-styled portrait of your pup.

Artist Ryan Richardson began by transforming photos of his friends’ rescue dogs, two clumsy greyhounds named Ace and Gary, with the aristocratic air we’re more used to seeing from royalty and heads of state way back in the day. After moving onto his own pup, Egon, he began offering his services to other animal lovers.

“I’ve always had more fun with the furry variety during photo shoots, and is the perfect and fun way for me to share that passion,” Richardson explains on his Etsy page.

Take a look below to see some of his incredible examples and head over to his Instagram and Twitter pages for more cute puppy portraits.

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1. Ace

1. Ace

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