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14 Forbidden And Tethered Places You Would Want To Visit Right Now


14 Forbidden And Tethered Places You Would Want To Visit Right Now

Desire is a tricky thing. A human can never be satisfied with what he has known or seen. Sure, there are a lot of places you did not get to see. But, can you believe there are places which you are not allowed to lay your eyes on? Here they are !!

#14 White gentlemen’s club

#14 White gentlemen's club

The White gentlemen’s club is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in the whole England. Only men with royalties, riches & politics are granted access.

It was forbidden for women to enter this club from almost 3000 years ago till Queen Elizabeth II broke this rule after visiting the club in 1991

#13 Room 39 North korea

#13 Room 39 North korea

It is believed that Room 39 in North korea is the centre for most of the illegal activities.

Starting from the counterfeit money making to drug dealing, everything takes place here.

Only limited people are allowed in and they alone know what happens inside

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