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6 Cool ‘Phreaking’ iPhone Code Tricks!


6 Cool ‘Phreaking’ iPhone Code Tricks!

I bet you didn’t know about this awesome feature at all! Well, now you do! So what are you waiting for ?! Get phreaking!

#7 iPhone Phreaking!

‘Phreaking’ is the process of hacking into telecommunication systems.

All you iPhone users out there! Did you know there are a couple of cool neat code tricks you can execute on your iPhones?!

Every iPhone has a couple of hidden tricks that with a specific code entry you can figure out hidden menus in your iPhone, vital information about your iPhone and sometimes even acts a direct command like those you could use on a terminal based Apple OS.

These codes are a combination of asterisk key (*) and the hashtag sign (#). They are built into to your phone’s ‘call’ or ‘dial’ feature. All you got to do is open the phone app and type in the codes below!

In some cases, these codes might not work in a few iPhones. This doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your iPhone, its just because of your carrier. So if a code doesn’t work, cross-check the code and google search the code to see if your carrier supports it!

So, what are you waiting for?! Lets get phreaking!


#6 The Call Barring Feature!

#6 The Call Barring Feature!

Code- *#33#

This feature will enable you to check the status of your restrictions on any and all outgoing calls. This network feature will be extremely useful when you have kids who play with your phone.Check the status of your call barring by typing in *#33#. Turn on the service by typing in *33*pin#, and to turn the service off, type in *33*pin#. Just replace the “pin” with your SIM card pin – not your iPhone’s lock pin.

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