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8 Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know


8 Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know

We may not officially be kids anymore, but here at LittleThings, we’re all kids at heart!

In other words, we’re practically counting down the days until Halloween, one of the most awesome holidays of the year.

After all, even grown-ups look forward to the opportunity to wear a silly costume and eat tons of candy with minimal guilt. For kids, the sugar rush begins long before anyone actually starts handing out candy!

But if you’re accompanying a trick-or-treater on their route this year, now might be a good time to temper a little bit of that excitement and remind the small witches and monsters in your life that Halloween comes with ground rules.

After all, Halloween can be chaotic, and the whole point is that it’s a little bit scary. That can be a recipe for trouble, unless you make a plan of attack first, and make sure your kiddos are on board with a few safety tips!

Here are our go-to tips for making sure that Halloween is as safe as it is fun!

Safety Tip #1: Leave Masks At Home

Safety Tip #1: Leave Masks At Home

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Masks are a long-standing part of Halloween, but we think there’s a lot to be said for skipping this particular tradition.

Wearing a mask can impair your vision, especially on the periphery, and leave kids more vulnerable to getting startled or tripping over something.

Instead, consider swapping for simple, kid-safe face paint that won’t block the eyes or get tangled in any tree branches!

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