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8 Unexpected Benefits Of Giving A Mutt A Forever Home


8 Unexpected Benefits Of Giving A Mutt A Forever Home

If you share your life with a dog, you already know how special and precious they are. Every single dog makes our lives just a little bit richer!

But if you’re thinking about getting a dog for the very first time, or you’re planning to get another dog, there are lots of important considerations to make.

Every dog can make your life happier, and every dog will tell you how much he or she loves you with every wag of their tail and slobbery puppy-dog kiss, but there are some dogs that need our help just a little bit more than others.

Take, for example, the millions and millions of mutts living right now in shelters all over the country, just hoping for their forever home.

Purebred dogs that fall into the parameters of organizations like the AKC have a much better shot at finding a happy home quickly, which is why we should all give the mutts and strays and rescues of the world a chance — every dogs needs a loving home!

Scroll through the gallery below to learn a few of the benefits of welcoming a mutt into your home!

#1: They Live A Long Time

#1: They Live A Long Time

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Some folks worry that adopting a dog without knowing his heritage means that he could have unknown health problems in its background.

Technically, that’s always a possibility. But on average, dogs with mixed heritage tend to run excellent odds of having a good, long life.

The average mutt lives to be between 10 and 13 years old — plenty of time to grow up alongside their very favorite child and have a long and happy life with a forever family.

Plus, the average may be 10 to 13 years, but there are an estimated 250 million mutts in the world, so there are plenty of dogs out there who live much longer.

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