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9 Surprising Things Women Should Never Do To Their Breasts


9 Surprising Things Women Should Never Do To Their Breasts

Like most women on the planet, I can distinctly remember when my breasts started developing as a teen. It can be an incredibly awkward experience as we try to navigate the needs of the new additions on top of all the hormones and emotions raging. But over time, we eventually figure out the best way to deal with the extra baggage on our chests.

Or at least, we think we do. It turns out that most of us ladies are completely wrong or simply in the dark when it comes to what we put our boobs through. At best, so many of us are enduring far more discomfort than necessary that could be easily avoided — at worst, we’re putting our health in serious danger by not paying close enough attention to their needs.

I know I’m guilty of a few of the mistakes below, but I’m so glad I know the facts now.

Did we miss any little known bad habits that affect our breasts? Let us know in the comments and be sure to SHARE with your loved ones!

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1. Wear The Wrong Size Bra

1. Wear The Wrong Size Bra

Only 1 in 4 women wear their correct size, most running a bit too small. That extra bit of cleavage might look nice, but on top of being uncomfortable, studies show that squeezing into too-petite cups can restrict blood flow and cause scar tissue to form that potentially leads to cancer.

2. Pluck Stray Hairs

2. Pluck Stray Hairs

Every time you tug one of those pesky follicles from that sensitive area, you make the naturally thin skin much thicker, which frequently makes the hair grow back with more girth and inflammation.

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