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911 Operator Takes Call From Terrified Teen And Hears Her Tapping On The Phone In Secret Code


911 Operator Takes Call From Terrified Teen And Hears Her Tapping On The Phone In Secret Code

15-year-old Doyin was home alone when robbers broke into her house. Terrified, she quickly ran into her parent’s room and hid in their closet, crouching over as she dialed 911.

The operator who picked up her call was 12-year veteran police dispatcher Angie Rivera. Angie immediately realized she needed to communicate with Doyin using a calm, reassuring voice.

As Doyin and Angie remained on the line, Angie could hear the intruders getting closer to the closet. She knew they both needed to keep the volume down, so as not to tip them off.

Instead of talking, Angie came up with a brilliant idea. “Okay, don’t talk,” she instructed Doyin. To keep the young girl quiet, she told her to tap the phone in “yes” or “no” answers.

Absolutely brilliant quick thinking.

“I tried to whisper as much as I could,” Angie told reporters. “When you’re talking to a child, the mother in me comes out.”

Angie stayed on the phone with Doyin until police arrived to the home, and even after they found her hunched over in the closet. She has been hailed a hometown hero, and Doyin will be forever grateful.

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