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There’s something about public toilets that makes us feel extra germaphobic. We’ve all encountered situations where a stall’s previous occupant hasn’t bothered to look behind themselves before exiting. So do you really want to sit down there? The answer seems obvious: a little bit of toilet paper on the seat

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Over the last few months, Shannen Doherty has been fighting a very public battle with breast cancer. The incredibly strong young woman has documented her journey through chemo, shaving her head, her most difficult days, and most importantly her positive attitude through the struggle. This week, Shannon decided to participate

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LIKE if you always love reading about the royal family…… #5 Secret Revealed Image source Despite several hoaxes spread out about Queen Elizabeth’s death by media, she is still alive. Look at the sweet smile on her face. But, these rumours are still swirling on all over the social media

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Can you feel the pain? #3 The Empty Stomachs. Image source Every photograph has a story of its own. Some says about the happy moments while the rest depicts the sorrow and grief. It takes a lot of effort for the photographer to capture the exact story as per the

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A viral footage of a petrified transgender woman pleading for life before she is being dragged out from her residence and brutally beaten to death. #5 Viral Clip…! Image source Dandara dos Santos, 42, who lived in Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil, is begging a group of six men to spare

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