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How it’s ACTUALLY like to grow up as a super-rich kid.


How it’s ACTUALLY like to grow up as a super-rich kid.

Spoiler alert: Not as fun as it looks.

#8 Money is just not enough!

#8 Money is just not enough!

Do you ever dream to live in a huge mansion, drive around in costliest cars, fly in your own jets and have a queue of servants who will do every possible work that you wish?

Every story has two sides and turns out that this story also has two and a rather complicated one.

I can’t tell you my name, but my parents are billionaires. My father is an investment banker, but most of his money comes from being the son of a real estate tycoon. My mother was born into an old-money family.

What’s it like to be a child with billionaire parents? Well, I certainly wanted for nothing. But looking back as an adult, my life was actually kind of repulsive because I was able to have nearly anything that I even thought of desiring.

Want to get a car? Sure, I’ll call the guy. I had my own American Express Centurion Credit Card (or as some people call it, a Black card). I could buy nearly anything I wanted without worrying or even glancing at the price tag. Growing up was kind of like a vacation. We traveled constantly. We flew in a private plane and would always stay in the best hotel suites. We had (and still have) 15 homes around the world, including a private island.

We have a full staff, including gardeners, maids, cooks, butlers, security, etc. and I do not remember a time when we did not. For the main part of my childhood, I was “raised” by these people.

Like many other children of wealthy parents, I remember my childhood being slightly lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. I’m not one of those rich kids who has a strained relationship with their family. But they weren’t around much. My father wouldn’t be home 3 weeks out of 4, and my mother would be going to events constantly.

I feel bad even complaining, but… Minimal parenting with an unlimited amount of money at such a young age? There are only so many ways that could go.


#7 You are always in danger.

#7 You are always in danger.

All people seem to discuss when talking about being a billionaire are the privileges and the lifestyle and the excess and the fabulousness. But no one talks about the scary part of being a member of a rich family. And the truth is that being the offspring of two billionaires is terrifying. In some ways, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

You’re always afraid of being kidnapped or killed or tortured or whatnot. It’s not paranoia, it’s the truth. It’s possible and it could happen at any time.

I’ve always had a security team. Whenever I go out of the house, my security group follows. Public outings where there will be a lot of people are intricately planned. I do not remember a time when I’ve not had a security entourage.

People tend not to think about the limitations of extreme wealth, but I have zero flexibility in my movements. I don’t think I’ll ever experience something as simple as going to the grocery store alone or enjoying a concert in the crowd like everybody else.

Our homes are decked with state-of-the-art security devices. Seeing those complex security devices in your house, in the room where you sleep, in the bathroom where you shower… It reminds you that you live in constant danger. It’s this unending reminder that you’re DIFFERENT from other people.

Because your parents have a bunch of money, you can never enjoy one second of anonymity.

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