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San Diego bound Delta Air Lines flight delayed with woman forcefully dragged off by police


San Diego bound Delta Air Lines flight delayed with woman forcefully dragged off by police

AN UNRESPONSIVE woman who may have been tasered was dragged off a Delta Air Lines flight by police officers after failing to check in at the gate.

Delta Air Lines confirmed that the woman was removed from the flight leaving Detroit in the shocking clip which was posted online by RenesPoints blog.

Footage shows passengers looking down the aisle of the aircraft to see police officers dragging the woman down the plane.

The woman was flat on her back and unresponsive with some passengers questioning whether a taser had been used.

Police officers stopped a couple of times as they dragged the woman in a red top down the plane as one passenger was heard saying, “oh my god”.

Woman dragged off delta flight


The woman can be seen being dragged by her wrists off the flight by the police officer

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