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Sunburn: 10 Easy And Surprising At-Home Remedies


Sunburn: 10 Easy And Surprising At-Home Remedies

With summer in full swing, each of us has to be on the lookout for that one dreaded danger: sunburn.

Despite our best efforts, we will often find ourselves with painful, red sunburn, quickly turning a summer of fun into a summer of discomfort.

But I was thrilled to find that just as there are simple, at-home remedies for chapped lips, there are also a number of easy ways to soothe and treat sunburn using common items from around the house. Other than putting ice on my burns, I had never heard of any of these hacks before!

I had no idea my refrigerator held so many solutions — from cucumbers to strawberries to potatoes. Who knew that putting strawberries on your sunburn could ease the pain and speed up the healing process?

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at 10 brilliant at-home treatments for painful sunburn. Before popping pain pills, I’ll definitely be giving these a try!

And, of course, if your sunburn is severe or extremely painful, make sure you take a trip to your doctor right away.

Which of these brilliant tips have worked for you before? What other at-home remedies for sunburn would you suggest? Let us know in the comments.

Remedy #1: Tea Bags

Remedy #1: Tea Bags

Céline Haeberly for LittleThings

While many people have tried putting tea bags on their eyes to reduce puffiness, they can also be helpful at providing sunburn relief.

Simply soak black tea bags in cool water and place them on the sunburnt areas — whether the eyelids or anywhere else.

Love to Know writes, “Black tea will remove the heat, pain, and sting of your skin, all while leaving a toasty warm glow.”

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